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Open letter

One of the clear understanding of theoretical as well as from the fact that human resources are the most valuable and important asset in the development process of every company. The quality of human resources will determine the success or failure in bussiness competition, this becomes even more pressing while Vietnam is on the way of integration

However, the human resources situation at present is always fluctuating và ngày càng khan hiếm. The management system of companies isinadequate compares with the actual requirement that makes the domestic company as well as foreign investment company can not control the quality and quantity of human resources. This causes many difficulties for construction, management  which are supporting for company’s operation, impact directly to company’s income and profit.

Understanding this, IRE Company was established. We suply a highly specialized, stable and flexible workers, organized and managed by a professional management tools. We create a complete HR solution which will help customers solve clearly problems concerning to human resource recruitment and management.


We are here to share with you a new future of one professional human resource strategy. We look forward to your long cooperation, increasing sustainable value.