Pr Center

Manpower Supplying and Managing


Supervisor construction operator, contributing opinion, check building construction measures, executing other operations as request of the manager.

Supervisor the work as assigned

Tracking managing the work assigned

Confirmthe quantity, the category has been quality standard checked monthly of whom in charge

Joining to established, appraisal construction method, construction specility

Investigate construction’s design which are assigned to supervise and monitor, detect errors and give the solution

  2. QAQC ( Quantity control)

Supervise the quantity of the construction, control the construction’s documents and drawing, management records, quality control, laboratory work, the category of works

Deploy the shop drawing t. In some case, interpreting for those special shop drawing

Monitor the weather in the site, reported the problem to handle works related to QA/QC work in the site

            3. Engineer

In charge of deploying, deploy management and supervising of the electrical categories

Make sure that the area in charge of construction in accordance with degisn drawings, the technical standard, also ensure deploy in time, safety and sanitation

Guide the construction team, the subcontracting to do the works according to the technical standards as the drawings were approved by the consultant, the investor

Enable to split and estimate the works


Directly supervising in the site, managing the workers in each team

Enable to read drawing and make the plan for each leader






10.Storage manager